Pierre Neis

Pierre Neis

co-creator, Agile for HR

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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His background

  • Today
    November 2014


    Agile for HR

    Agile for HR is a monthly meet'up to bring innovation in HR.
  • Today
    October 2013



    International Serious Gaming Unconference

  • Today
    May 2012

    Associé, Agile Management Catalyst, Scrum Coach&Trainer

    We&Co, the collab lab

    We&Co is an independent consulting organization supporting corporate social responsible projects helps Continuous Quality Improvement, Product and Service Design, Training and Coaching, Leadership Development.

    Senior Management Consultant / Agile Coach
    ● 2014-... : Agile Coach Capgemini (Paris, Lille), at ERDF (Lille).
    ● 2014-2014: Lead Senior Agile Coach Wemanity (Brussels, Paris), heading a team of 14 coaches, involved in Innovation.
    o Projects:
    ▪ Invivo Group (Paris), Change Architect for the Trading Dept. spin-off transition
    ▪ Cloudwatt (Paris), Agile Master Coach for the Organization Transformation on Agile
    ▪ GDF Europe (Brussels), Training on Agile Program Management
    ▪ AXA Group Global (Brussels, Paris), Facilitate global Architecture improvement
    ▪ SAP UK (London), Agile Master Coach for the Kingfisher Global Program
    ▪ ORES (Belgium). Agile Master Coach for Agile Organizational Development
    ▪ LaPoste (Paris), Develop and facilitate Corporate Service Jams
    ▪ LesFurets.Com (BGL Group, Paris) , Team building jams
    ● 2013-... : Agile Coach for Co-Learning (Gent)
    ● 2014-2014: Scrum Coach for Touring Assurances (TATV) (Brussels, Belgium)
    ● 2013- ...: Scrum Coach for CNRS/INIST (Nancy, France) (Global Clearing Bank)
    ● 2012-..: Corporate Scrum Expert for Euroclear Group BV/SA (Brussels, Belgium)
    ● 2013-2013: Coaches Lean Kanban Governance at Swingmobility (Schiltigheim,France)
    ● 2012-..: Lean Agile Coach for CTIE WebUX Team (Government, Luxembourg),
    ● 2013-2014: Coaches agile organization at atHome Group (REA Group AUS, Luxembourg)
    ● 2012-2013: Internal IT Program & Project Auditor at Euroclear BV/SA (Brussels) (Global Clearing Bank)
    ● 2012-..: Project Leader for Lean Kanban France Event (Paris)
    ● 2012-...: Trainer for Knowledgehut, CESI, GFI, Actiskills, Accenture, AXA Belgium
    ● 2013-..: Co-creator of #Play14 Serious Games Gathering
    ● Workshop facilitator in Agile Conferences and Social Business events
    ● Development of Gamification Methodology (PLöRK)
    ● Speaker at Conferences: Tunis, Rabat, Casablanca, Paris, Brussels, Beirut, Zürich, Cracow, Warsaw, Rotterdam…
    ● Collaboration, Mentoring and Coaching: McKinsey, Accenture, CapGemini, pWc, Gartner, Scrum Alliance, Scrum.org, Agile Consortium, PMI, IPMA
    ● Teaching:
    o 2013: Agile approach to operational excellence, Executive MBA John Welch Sacred Heart University Luxembourg
    o 2013: Management through compexlity with Scrum, CESI (french engineering school)
    o 2015: Agile within BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge), Paris and Geneva
  • Today
    April 2012


    Lean Kanban France

  • Today

    Scrum Coach


  • Today
    November 2013
    June 2013

    Scrum Master

    Lumension Securities

    Lumension Security S.A. • Bertrange (Luxembourg), June 2013 - November 2013
    Lumension Security, Inc., a global leader in endpoint management and security, develops, integrates and markets security software solutions that help businesses protect their vital information and manage critical risk across network and endpoint assets.

    Senior Scrum Master (Operational Manager)
    Supports the Engineering Teams of the Luxembourg Office and their distributed co-worker (USA, Ireland, China): Device Control R&D and Support level 3. Improves performance, quality management and service alignment. Launched & moderates the Global Scrum Master's Community of Practice.
    Monitors and reports performance and risk at Executive level.
    ● Re-sized the teams (split) in an organic soft way
    ● Increased team performance through Lean and Agile Techniques: +200% in 4 months.
    ● Enforced operational excellence in a bottom up manner through a multi-cultural distributed organization
    ● Used Scrum as company development process, Kanban into the Sprint and Lean for Organizational alignment
    ● Improved the corporate service catalogue (Product Development, Release Management)
    ● Acted as Operational Manager
  • Today
    March 2012

    Senior Project Manager / Agile & Lean Coach

    11-50 employees

    - Alignement des programmes/projets
    - intégration de valeurs agiles dans les environnements PMBok, Prince 2, Hermes
    - Développement de méthodologies métier
    - Gestion du Changement
    - support dans la réorganisation de projets/organisations complexes

    Scrum Coaching:
    * Formations Scrum: débutants, avancés, formations certifiantes (FR, DE, EN)
    * Analyse de faisabilité
    * Implémentation: projet simple à complexe
    * Mise en Place des Équipes
    * Assessment
    * Release Management
    * ScrumMastering
    * Product Ownership
    * Support / Mentoring

    Mise en place d'équipes de coaches: tous sont certifiés par la ScrumAlliance:
    Profil de l'équipe:
    - Coachs: CSP, CSC, CST
    - ScrumMaster: CSM, CSP, CSC, CST
    - Product Owner: CSPO, CSP, CSC, CST
  • Today
    February 2012
    August 2011

    Scrum Coach

    Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat (CTIE) (mission)

    Mise en place de Scrum sur le programme Guichet Unique V3.0 (25 projets).
    - formation Scrum
    - mise en place d'une transition vers Scrum avec Scrumban
    - métriques de suivi du changement
    - gestion des interdépendances
    - développement de formation sur mesure pour les ergonomes
    - animation des rétrospectives
    - proposition d'une solution d'intégration de Scrum dans Hermès
    - proposition d'un appel d'offre européen Scrum
    Coordination des équipes: développeurs, analystes, ergonomes, chef de projet.

    Contraintes: inderdépences entre les administrations, programme à forte valeur politique, intégration des équipes externes vs équipes internes.

    Objectifs atteints: visibilité de l'implication des équipes, dialogues renforcé entre les acteurs, accroissement de la structure et sécurisation du périmètre pour favoriser la livraison du programme.
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    +10,000 employees

  • Today

    Management Consultant / Agile Coach & Trainer

    11-50 employees

    Conseil & Consultance
    * Assistance à la Maîtrise d'Ouvrage
    * Project Coordination
    * Lien entre l'Exécutif et le SI
    * Change Management / BPM
    * Coach Agile
    * Product Owner Mentor

    * formateur Product Owner (Scrum)
    * customisation avancée de formation
    * coaching managérial et coaching opérationnel
  • Université Metz

    Master II Gestion de Projets – process – produits – “Marketing de l’Innovation”
  • , Saint Dié Des Vosges


    Commerce et Gestion d'Entreprise

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His skills

  • Training & Coaching opérationnel
  • PMO
  • Lean management
  • Kanban et l'optimisation de la production
  • Gestion de projets
  • Scrum
  • Facilitation de l'intelligence collective
  • Serious Gaming
  • Agile Project Management
  • Portfolio management
  • Program management International
  • Audit interne
  • Gouvernance
  • Process improvement
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • PMI
  • Mentoring
  • Lean
  • Formation
  • Coaching
  • Agile

His languages

  • German
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • French

    His hobbies

    Family Motorcycles Friends my Job

    His keywords

    PMOProject ManagementScrumAgileScrum CoachScrum Trainingformation ScrumPMIPMBokLeanKanbanKaizenContinuous ImprovementICFcoachingCognitive EdgeOpen SpaceAlignmentCommitmentEmpowermentTeam Building

    About him

    Sydney A. Friedman says :
    "...You can reach everything in your life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic project and the will to see it concluded..."

    As a Scrum Coach, I help people and organization to make smarter Scrum.

    As a PMO, I help organization in their structure alignment by:
    - increase people engagement
    - increase customer satisfaction
    - increase added value

    SCRUM, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Governance, Product Management
    PM Tools & Techniques applied to organization

    - Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
    - Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) (Pichler)
    - Professional Scrum Master (PSM) (Schwaber)

    His activity on Viadeo

    Recent contacts
    Philippe Houssier
    Leila Saidat
    Mohamed Baghdadi

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